Community Breaks Down Walls

[Written on July 22nd. Normally, I’m better at keeping up with my website, but the day before I wrote this (so Thursday, 7/21/16), we “finally” got a dining room table, so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were late-night game nights, and the lack of sleep threw me off, so today, I’m catching up with you (or allowing you to catch up with me).]

Walls…they’re good for supporting a home, protecting, and dividing, but they’re also good for separating.

Back in San Diego, our place was smaller, so we were prone to see each other all the time and, mostly, liked the same things, so we’d often end up in the same room together. Here, it’s been a little bit different.

As you know, the heat and humidity’s so hot here that you end up in a prison called “air conditioning,” and what you find there isn’t very active or interactive, and the set up of our living room wasn’t helping.

Scott’s got these lovely, reclining sofas, and everyone’s been loving them, but the way they’ve been set up hasn’t “fit” well to what we’ve been used to.

That’s the thing about marrying later on in life: both adults are so set-in-their-ways that change HAS to be made for everything to come together. Change’s been one of the biggest struggles.

Anyway, the sofas were side by side in front of the window, facing the TV. Makes sense…but when everyone’d sit down, you couldn’t really “see” each other, which I didn’t like.

Many times, I’d “thought” about rearranging the living room but hadn’t “acted” on it, until Wednesday.

In the morning, I’d asked Scott if we could move things around because God’d given me an idea of how to rearrange things, and the night before, Scott’s mom’d given us a couple sitting chairs, so I wanted to make them fit.


After moving things around a bit, I fell in love with the final result. Everywhere I sat, I could “see” everyone else. We called the kids out to see what they thought, and of course, they were hesitant.

Change hasn’t set well with them either, so what they’d, sort of, gotten used to, I’d just changed, but later that evening, the change was proven good.

Scott and I’d taken Carolyn to get her nails done, and when we’d come home, Nathan was sitting in the living room, which he hadn’t really been doing before! AND to top it all off, as we sat around that evening, we ended up talking with each other. I’m telling you, there’s something about “seeing” each other that…

Anyway, the next morning…same thing. Scott, Katie, and I were sitting around, talking, instead of looking at computers or phones. Changing the living room around has changed the atmosphere, and spending time with each other has broken down walls.


Now, we EVEN have a table to eat dinner at, and right now, I’ve got a roast simmering in the crockpot. And can you guess what’s for dessert? Games!!



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