Hugging the Heat

[written 7/8/16]

Ever since I’ve been in Texas, God’s had me reading in Hebrews, so for the last five weeks, that’s what I’ve been doing, and I’m not one to “rush” through my reading.

Let me explain how I read God’s word.

As I’m reading, if something stops me, I stop and meditate on whatever stopped me. Well, for over a week, I’ve been meditating on Hebrews 11:13:

“These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off were assured of them, embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth,”

and for whatever reason, I understood that wrong, which was probably why God had me camped there.

You see, I’d read the above Scripture and immediately thought I was to embrace my circumstances, which baffled me because I hadn’t been doing that (at all) and wasn’t sure if I could.

How was I supposed to “hug” Texas, Harlingen, the weather…?!

As I struggled with this notion, I changed my mind and decided to embrace everything around me, which wasn’t a “bad” thing, but it’s not what the Scripture said, and then, the other day, it hit me!

The verse wasn’t talking about embracing my circumstances; it was about embracing the promises I’d yet to see, not even assured I’d even be alive to SEE them come true but holding on to them.


Okay, now THAT I could do but hadn’t been doing it at all. All I’d seemed to be able to focus on was what’s been around me, and even then, I’d been unable to see all that’s been around me, but little by little, more’s been revealed.

Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve been meeting people and sharing with them openly about different desires of my heart, and one of those desires have been wanting somewhere to dance. Well, I was connected with someone who knew of a place in San Benito called “The Hub,” so on Tuesday, I went there, and, for the first time (since I’ve been here), danced with my Husband!

I can’t even explain in words how those dances felt! If you were face to face with me, you’d’ve seen it in my eyes, my smile. Some emotions are left without words. Anyway, it was amazing!!

The whole evening was lovely: beginning with fellowship, prayer, receiving God’s word through teaching, then worship, and ending with going up for prayer. It reminded me a little of Lamplighter Revival Center and Red Seal mixed, but it was still of its own. It was great!

I’d met quite a few people that night, one being a twenty-five year old man, who’d recently been in San Diego at the Fire and Glory Outpouring at Citadel Church and had also spent a couple weeks at Bethel in Redding, and he’d felt called back here to the Valley to raise up his generation with truth and fire! His obedience taught me a lesson.

No matter where I am, I should follow God’s lead, embracing His promises, and trusting His words to be truth! Revival’s not in a building, or a church, or a city. Revival’s in the heart, fueled by God, ignited with obedience, and spread with love: a fire not to be put out but to be magnified.

I sense people here’re on fire, which will ignite the Rio Grande Valley to be aflame for a very long time!


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