A Step to Know

Most of you know that my ex-husband was in town and had been staying with us for over a week. The way he took care of us all was simply amazing: treating us out to eat all the time; a couple trips to Sam’s Club; Disneyland; trips to different stores, etc. We all spent a lot of good time together, and then on Tuesday, he took the little ones to buy new clothes for school.

As we were out and about shopping, God had a few things on His list for me to do. At the first store we went to in the mall, a young lady was working…all tatted out. The print and colors on her shirt matched one of her tattoos very well, so I commented on it. She said, “Yeah,” giggled, and kept on walking past. As she walked away, God began to speak to me about her.

He was telling me how he loved her right where she was at but how she hadn’t been believing that. He also spoke to me how she had been thinking intently about someone close to her and how He was hearing the cries of her heart. At that moment, I was left with a choice.

I could either walk up to her and tell her what God had revealed to me, or I could never say a word and continue on my way. If I never said anything, she would never know, but if I hadn’t said anything, she would never know. For me, even though I don’t have much experience with that kind of stuff, the choice was easy.

At first, I had the thought, “What if I’m wrong?” Well, what if…, so I walked up to her and shared with her, briefly, what God had said. She listened, then leaned the side of her face on her hands, which were resting on one of the racks. I said, “I’m not sure if that “means” anything to you.”” She said, “Yes,” as her eyes welled up with tears. She thanked me.

I went back to where I was waiting for Carolyn and saw the woman exit to the back. I had the feeling it was so she could pull herself together. I think God attempts to use me like that a lot, but I usually ignore Him because I doubt I’m even hearing Him correctly, so I’ll play it safe by not saying a word but when I think about it, every time I HAVE stepped out, it’s been right on, so I guess I’ll try it more often (like when He says to).

At the next store, one of the women working on the floor struck up a conversation with me, which led to God, which led to my testimony. All of a sudden, she opened up a little about her childhood, how she “used” to go to church but stopped and has had the desire to go back but was unsure how. I left all my information with her. How God lines things up is amazing!

There’s so much God has been revealing to me. The last couple days of learning have been intense, so much so that I decided to stay “hidden” in Him instead of writing. I just wanted to soak in His love for a couple days, alone with Him, and I’m glad I did!

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