An Honest Mechanic

I finally know a mechanic I can trust, and his name is Nacho.

Ever since I first started driving, I’ve encountered mechanical needs, and (almost) everywhere I’ve gone for help, I’ve been talked down to, belittled, overcharged, etc., until now. Continue reading

Zip Tie Mechanics

Recently, I heard some grinding/scraping going on on the driver’s side wheel of my car. I took it to the mechanic and was told, to fix the problem, I’d need to have $340.00 worth of repairs done. Whatever needed to be fixed was causing my tires to wear.

Instead of paying for the repairs, I chose to get used tires.

Well, on Saturday afternoon, Continue reading

Mountain Memories

On Thursday, I had forgotten my folding chairs at work, so yesterday, I thought about taking one with me on my lunch, just in case Lee was somewhere sitting in the shade, I’d be able to join him, so when I clocked out, I grabbed a chair, headed outside, and asked Holy Spirit where to walk and listened.

On the path He took me down, I ran into my friend, Jose, whom I haven’t seen in weeks. We stopped to chat. Continue reading