For the One-on-One

For the most part, since the beginning of the year, only a handful of women have come to JC’s Girls (and not all at one time). There’ve been many times when no one’s showed up at all, and that’s okay.

The ministry wasn’t started for a group that already existed. No, the ministry was started for women to have a place to go for prayer support and for the teaching of freedom.

Last night, I didn’t expect anyone to show up but wanted to be there in case anyone did, and wouldn’t you know it…someone showed up.

I won’t go into her story because I wouldn’t want anyone to figure out who she was (not everyone is an open book like me), but let me tell you…last night was the EXACT reason why the ministry exists.

After praying and talking for over an hour and applying Scripture to real life, we headed to P.O.W. for some worship time, and what an amazing time that was!

Before the evening even started, I’d gone through some intense warfare, not even realizing it was meant to prevent me from being there for that precious “one.” I’m glad the enemy can’t hold me back from God’s perfect plan!

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