Tag, You’re It!

One of the things we look forward to as a family at Christmas time is buying our tree because more goes into it than just money.

When we get our Christmas tree, we spend an hour at the lot, so the kids can play tag throughout the trees. They do it every year. The funny part is, this year, we had to go twice!

On Sunday, we went to the lot to get our tree, but when we got there, there weren’t any other people and very few trees. When you play tag within the trees, it helps to have a lot of trees, and when you have other people there, their movement helps disguise the kids’ footsteps. Without these two things, our tree hunting was pointless, so we left.

Last night was our next scheduled tree hunt, and the kids talked about it before we left. If the conditions for tag weren’t met, we’d wait to get our tree. (I love that!)

When we got there, we didn’t see any other cars but a lot of trees, so we went in, and once we were in, we saw other people.

After the kids found the tree (Katie picked this one), the game was on. I cannot tell you how much I love watching them play this. As I stood by the tree, I’d see one zoom by, smiling and giggling. It’s one of the reasons we look forward to Christmas so much, but it wasn’t always like that.

Before, when I was drinking, this fun wasn’t had. It was more stress and less tradition. Back then, if I said I was going to do something, you could count on it never happening because I rarely kept my promises. All that has changed. Now, when I tell the kids we’ll do something, nothing stands in the way.

I love the traditions we’ve created! I think we have something for every holiday, which makes the holidays so much fun!

Okay, let me tell you how we were able to afford this tree.


When we first went on Sunday, I didn’t really have the money, so I wasn’t upset about us having to leave. The kids really wanted the tree, though, so I was going to get them one and borrow money later or beg someone to buy a flag, but because the lot conditions weren’t right, I didn’t need to worry about it and had a few more days to sell a flag, which I didn’t do, but that didn’t stop God from providing.

On Tuesday night, while I was at an event, a woman came up and hugged me. As she was hugging me, she told me God told her to give me something and placed a folded up bill in my hand. It was a hundred dollar bill!

At first, I thought, “I could use this to take Carolyn to breakfast on Sunday for her sixteenth birthday,” but as we went for the tree last night, I knew why God had blessed me with that money. THAT’s why we were able to buy such a gorgeous tree…because God wanted us to have one!

In the car on the way home, I told Carolyn I wouldn’t be able to afford breakfast for her, and she said, “That’s okay, Mommy. I wanted you to make me pancakes at home.”

Well, that worked out perfect because I have enough of the hundred left over for the ingredients for birthday pancakes and a cake. I love how my kids are okay without stuff…stuff that others wouldn’t be okay without. It warms my heart because I know that’ll make their lives easier.

She’s so cute: Sunday is her official birthday, and she wanted a party on Saturday, so she told her friends it’d be a potluck, so we wouldn’t have to provide the food. She’s so smart!!

I was going to post this “after” we decorated the tree, so I could post it with a picture, but God impressed me to share it with you now, so you’ll just have to wait for a picture of the finished tree!!

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