I’m in this place
with no windows
tears filling the room
like rain

having friends
yet no one to talk to
having vision
yet not all the rent

how could I ask anyone
to understand
when I myself
don’t understand

every tear
leading to a thought
every thought
leading to a tear

feeling like a failure
feeling unattractive



a friend
to listen

finding myself

with the only One
Who cares
the only One
Who listens
the only One
Who never judges

another day
where hiding seems to be
the only option

4 thoughts on ““Drowning”

  1. If you are in Him, you are not hiding. He may be preparing you for something coming up. He may think you need some rest and relaxation. Be still and know that He is GOD. If you listen, you will know what to do.


    1. Funny you say that. All day, I’ve been feeling intensely, but I don’t feel like it’s darkness at all…almost like I’m “supposed” to be feeling. It’s weird, calming, and exhausting.

      Did you have a nice birthday?


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