“Old Towns”

I remember a place I used to visit
called “Desperation”
where I’d buy gifts for men
hoping they’d want me

while I was sober
while I was a “Christian”

spending hundreds of dollars
to be left alone
giving into darkness
yet again

when one follows the soul
one satisfies broken wants
tempted to lose everything
to gain nothing



I remember those days
maybe they exist for men too

going to church but not knowing freedom
going to meetings but not knowing self

I remember those days
as if it was someone else
someone I used to watch
but not relate to

a fruit of freedom
is not recognizing who you used to be
the past…unimaginable

it doesn’t matter if you’re lost
you’ll be found
it doesn’t matter if you’re broken
you’ll be whole
it doesn’t matter if you’ve lost everything
you’ll gain everything

Jesus isn’t “a” way
He’s THE Way

an open door for heaven
to invade every part of your life
an open door to hear Him
and recognize His voice
an open door to hope
that everything will change
an open door
to walk through

and really become
what God created you to be

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