“Sound Waves”

requires holding on
but to what

if you hold on
to the past
you’re bound to fall

if you hold on
to a circumstance
you’re bound to not see

if you hold on
to one’s burden
you’re bound to be weighted

and sink to the bottom
where yelling seems necessary
to break through the waters

but it doesn’t have to be

let go of one another
let go of the worry
let go of the past

and grab hold of Him
Who pulls you up
to see through His Heart

“The Other way”

when I think about a life apart from God
I see darkness
a world full of
wonder and
gratification in every want
not knowing
that the want is
always eating
always playing
always digging a grave
with no way to escape
seeing darkness
as light
the dirt
as a blanket
the shovel
as a sword
chewing the air
to swallow
the opening at top
slipping further away

Nowhere in Sight

Yesterday, I was a little excited to see Lee because I bought those fruit slice jelly candies for us to share. Those are always super yummy, and I hadn’t bought them for us before, so I looked forward to seeing his reaction. Some of his reactions to food are priceless. As I walked closer to the statues, he was nowhere to be found…odd.

I set the bag down for a moment and waited, but he wasn’t in view anywhere. Since it had been a little cloudy, I thought maybe he stayed on the other side to stay out of the possible rain. When I reached where he sleeps at the museums, he was nowhere in sight, so back over the bridge I went. I was hoping maybe he was in the restroom or something. When I arrived back at the statues, he was nowhere to be found, so I called a friend.

Immediately, Barry prayed. We lifted Lee up because Continue reading