The Familiar Path

Last week, when we were at Disneyland, there were times when it was VERY crowded, but we had a good system in place, so we wouldn’t be separated, but in order for that system to work, we all had to do our own part, which didn’t always happen.

Kyle, Katie, and (most of the time) Carolyn had this super speed thing going on, while Scott, Nathan, and I each had the job of keeping up, which was pretty easy, if we followed their heads.

Since Kyle was the tallest, it was easiest to keep track of his head, and every so often, he’d turn back to see if he could see me. He knew if he could see me, everyone else was in place because I was the caboose. Well, “most” of the time, that worked beautifully, but one time in particular, it almost went terribly wrong.

We were headed toward an eatery in the “New Orleans” part of the park, so Katie could buy her vegetarian food to bring along to the all-you-can-eat barbecue we had planned for lunch, and the path to get there seemed overly crowded.

As we neared the area, there was a choice to go over the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride on a bridge or walk around it. So far, every time we had gone that way, we had walked around it, never over it, and as easy as it was to spot Kyle’s head, Nathan’s was a little more challenging to find, and I was far behind.

When I came to that fork in the road, I had already lost sight of everyone but knew where Katie was headed and knew over the bridge made more sense and figured they had all gone that way. As I began over the bridge, I caught Nathan’s eye, who looked panicked as he stood on the lower path, with no one in sight.

Immediately, once he saw me, the panic left his face and worrisome took its place. When he came over, he explained how he didn’t know where anyone was. I had fallen so far behind that I thought he was with everyone else ahead of me. He had gone the way that was “familiar” to him. Well, yesterday, a revelation about this event came to my heart.

How often do we not even know we’re lost, until we’re on the wrong path! Nathan had “thought” he knew where he was going, but when he looked up, he couldn’t find who he was following and was lost…lost without his family…lost without security…lost without comfort, but there’s a way to be found.

If we keep our eyes on Jesus, the “head” of the body, we won’t lose our way; we’ll stay on the right path. When we take our focus off him, we’ll travel a way that “seems” right but will lead us in the wrong direction.

I’m glad I fell behind to be there for Nathan. Being lost is never a good feeling. And I’m glad God revealed this supernatural explanation; it “almost” makes Nathan being lost worth it…almost.

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