Nowhere in Sight

Yesterday, I was a little excited to see Lee because I bought those fruit slice jelly candies for us to share. Those are always super yummy, and I hadn’t bought them for us before, so I looked forward to seeing his reaction. Some of his reactions to food are priceless. As I walked closer to the statues, he was nowhere to be found…odd.

I set the bag down for a moment and waited, but he wasn’t in view anywhere. Since it had been a little cloudy, I thought maybe he stayed on the other side to stay out of the possible rain. When I reached where he sleeps at the museums, he was nowhere in sight, so back over the bridge I went. I was hoping maybe he was in the restroom or something. When I arrived back at the statues, he was nowhere to be found, so I called a friend.

Immediately, Barry prayed. We lifted Lee up because we both know how he loves routine and how not being in either spot may not be good. I waited for about fifteen minutes and headed back to work. There have been times I’ve stopped by after work, so I figured I’d try that later on. When I did…nothing…nowhere in sight.

I’ve called one hospital and asked if any homeless men were brought in Wednesday night or Thursday morning. The man who answered the phone seemed really irritated with the question and said, “No. We don’t have any ‘John Doe’s’.'” I thought, “Well, that’s a relief,” but then it hit me: he wouldn’t be a ‘John Doe.’ He probably would have given his name, but I don’t know what that is. His middle name is Lee, and that’s all I’ve ever known, but when I thought about him having a name, I remembered he had my business card and hoped that he would call me.

He’s supposed to come to our worship night tonight, so we’ll see if he’s in the park today. He was pretty excited about coming, so I wouldn’t imagine he’d miss it on purpose. If I find anything out, I’ll put an update on Facebook (or I’ll ask Barry to). Other than that, will you keep him in prayer? He has health issues. I just don’t know what they are.

On the drive home, I thought about if something happened to him, and I realized how fulfilling our friendship has been. I don’t even have any regrets like I-wish-I-would’ve-said-this or anything like that. We spoke very openly every day. There was never anything missed. After his first weekend with us, we started exchanging ‘I love you”s to one another because we DO love one another. We’re brother and sister in Christ, and he’s one of my best friends. I hope he’s okay. God knows where he is, and I have great comfort in that.


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