Learning to Dance

Last night, the beauty of JC’s Girls at the Rock was revealed again. Our ministry isn’t only there for those currently in the strip clubs. Our ministry reaches out to all women and men who need to know God loves them right where they’re at. But when you have a past similar to mine, fitting into a church family may be difficult.

I remember the simple act of stopping by 7-Eleven. The music would sound through the speaker, and my body would instantly move, while thoughts of sex would enter my mind. This was very normal to me. Continue reading

“So Not Normal”

Normal was cussing
calling names
slamming doors

Normal was drinking
passing out
missing life
passing by

Normal was forgetting
not wanting to move
over selfish desires

Normal was laughing
at work but
at home

Normal was darkness
without light
without hope
without love

and then I met Him
fell in love with my kids
encountered His Love
changed my mind

to create a NEW normal



It’s not what you’re thinking.

Yesterday morning, Nathan wanted to take Mentos to school because they’re allowed to eat them during testing, so we stopped at Food4Less to pick some up. Do you ever have trouble deciding what to buy? Nathan was quick about it, but I was in the snack aisle, debating. Later on, I wondered if my debate was all part of God’s plan to put me in the right place at the right time.

As we headed out of the store Continue reading