Live Worship, a Foot Rub, and Flag Football

After work, I headed to the field to watch my boys practice flag football with the team. It’s so good to be around them, to watch Kyle teach Nathan, and to watch Nathan continue to improve. I am always proud-mommy. Well, on the way there, my right foot cramped terribly. Let me explain.

Back in my dancing days, I wore heels ALL THE TIME. Every now and then, my toes curl up from the balls of my feet and remain stuck in that position (as if I’m wearing heels), and throughout this insane cramping, I experience intense pain. There have been times I’ve pulled over to the side of the road until in subsided. Now that I pray, it lessens a lot quicker. I always get irritated when it happens though…always.

Well, by the time I reached the field, it had went away but left a memory of when I was a stripper. Continue reading

Known without Words

There are many people I feel very connected to, and there are some people I feel very connected to, whom I haven’t even met yet. A couple of them are reading this now, but I won’t name names. Well, there is also a couple in Florida, whom I barely know , but in the spiritual realm, it’s like we’re best friends. Continue reading