Beyond the thoughts
there is more life

Beyond the sunset
there is more ocean

Beyond the sunrise
there is more land

Beyond the clouds
there is more heaven

Beyond the voice
there is more feeling

Beyond the tears
there’s a bigger picture

painted by God

more than the eye may see
more than the ear may hear
more than the heart may feel
more than the soul may know

Weather Update

I have always loved the weather…always wanted to experience all four seasons, and I have always appreciated the clouds more than any other characteristic of nature, but ever since I’ve become friends with Lee, I’ve noticed the weather a lot more, and it doesn’t always bring a smile to my face.

The clouds…I absolutely LOVE the clouds. If I had to choose between a sunny day and a grey, cloudy one, I would choose the grey, cloudy one every time. Yesterday, as I was at my desk, I was watching the weather through the window: the trees were dancing in the wind; the clouds were blocking the sun from shining. It was beautiful, so I stepped out onto the balcony and experienced my happiness crash. Continue reading

“Change of Weather”

The weather looks different
when your friend lives in the park

the rain falls harder
the wind blows colder
the sun beats nearer
the heat burns hotter
the cold chills deeper

When your friend lives in the park
the weather looks different