“America’s Back”

The beauty of our flag
waving in the wind
clouds rise in the background

This is the view from my desk at work...the best my old phone could do.
This is the view from my desk at work…the best my old phone could do.

Our country
has turned her back on God
and walked the other way

will she ever return
to His open arms of Love

ground that shakes

and people wonder why

founded in His arms
built in His Love
united in His principles

all forgotten in her lust

America without God
is just another nation


The Excitement of Waiting

Okay, this post will have a little bit about Lee, so I’ll let him know later, and if he minds, I’ll delete it. When I spend time with God in the morning, HE guides me on what to release out of my heart, and this is what He chose, so here we go.

Let me back up a little: on Tuesday, I wore my pair of boots, and Lee and I spoke a couple of sentences about them that seemed to come straight out of the “Forrest Gump” movie. Continue reading