never feeling the weather
behind the scene
never seeing the tears
behind the selfie
never hearing the argument
behind the pose
never tasting the food
behind the picture
never quite knowing
what’s “really” going on

yes Facebook
might’ve gotten it wrong
but people’ve become used
to what’s in front of them
forgetting that looks
can be deceiving

“Behind the Vail” ¬†

my view is of the clouds
not above me
but all around me
I love the clouds
love being IN them
I feel God
letting me see
His closeness
all around me
so much is conquered
in His Presence
which always fills me
always surrounds me
but with distractions
can cause the closeness
to slip away
if you let it
I see why God
took Moses up the mountain
away from everyone
and spoke with him
in a cloud


Yesterday, I wrote a poem called “Prison,” and there were a few interesting things that happened before, during, and after.

First of all, remember the stranger who sent me a dress? Well, we’ve become friends, and the very next day, I received TWO MORE! One of them was black and white, and when I tried it on, I found it to be so comfortable. At the time, because I was working on flags, I took it off, until right before bible study last night.

When I put it back on, I loved it even more…so comfortable. I began straightening up, in case anyone showed up; when, all of a sudden, a poem started within me, shot me like an arrow. I grabbed the computer and started to write it out. Everything I wrote I’ve either felt or was feeling. It was so powerful, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for Facebook friends to see it, so I decided to only post it on my website, but God stopped me in my tracks.

A woman I've never met sent me this dress.
A woman I’ve never met sent me this dress.

As I rolled my eyes, I posted it on Facebook, and within seconds, a couple people appreciated it (it was needed, so God knew what He was doing, as usual). I also received some private messages about it. I was humbled at how God used me and began to cry.

As I reread it, I cried some more, and then, I thought about the title God gave me. It was so spot on: the prison within, being behind bars without a cell, and in the midst of the tears, I looked down at my dress, thought of the old prison uniforms from TV, and began to laugh…black and white stripes. How awesome is God!!

Before yesterday, I didn’t own anything with black and white stripes, so the timing of the dress, the way this poem shot right through me like an arrow, the title of the poem were no coincidences. God orchestrates things perfectly, and if we follow suit, they all run smoothly.