My Job as a Mother

So many wonderful things happened on my retreat, but many of them are for me and God to know and for you to never find out, but some of them will be shared (as time goes on), and one in particular came to mind tonight.

On my retreat, I met a young pastor, and at one point, I was telling him about when all I had to make for dinner was beans and rice and how Nathan reacted, and, ultimately, how I reacted. Do you remember? Continue reading

Beyond What I Could See

It’s funny: right after I had received that powerful word from Graham Cooke last weekend about faith, I was confronted with fear about my finances and almost looked to the world for help, but God stopped me and spoke through a friend. Since that talk with my friend, amazing things have happened. Continue reading


when the bills are due and you’re just ‘not there’ yet
when everything you spend cuts into the rent
when your problems point to the promises

no need to worry
no need to fret

another opportunity
to trust
to believe
to listen
to move

walking by faith
leaving everything behind
discovering new land
to live in