My Job as a Mother

So many wonderful things happened on my retreat, but many of them are for me and God to know and for you to never find out, but some of them will be shared (as time goes on), and one in particular came to mind tonight.

On my retreat, I met a young pastor, and at one point, I was telling him about when all I had to make for dinner was beans and rice and how Nathan reacted, and, ultimately, how I reacted. Do you remember?

Nathan had asked what was for dinner, I told him beans and rice, and then he asked, “Don’t we have anything else?” I told him no, and that’s all it took: I was off in the bedroom crying.

I “knew” I’d handled that wrong. That’s part of the reason why I’d brought it up with my new friend, and just like I’d hoped, this new friend had direction for me.

He’d asked me if I’d ever seen a movie called “The Pursuit of Happyness.” I told him no. He explained how the father was going through hard times but wasn’t worrying his son about it. He’d make those times exciting and cry while his son was asleep. He told me, “It’s YOUR job to make beans and rice EXCITING for your kids!” He’s right, which brings me to tonight.

Because Carolyn needed to go to the doctor and her dad needed to work, she ended up with me all day, so I could take her.

Right before we left for her appointment, I thought about dinner and what I had to cook. Anything I’d make required more ingredients, so I thought up the cheapest one to make: soup.

I already had celery and carrots, so I only needed to pick up potatoes and an onion. On our way home from the doctors, I stopped by the store and ended up buying quite a lot with little money.

When we got home, I started cutting stuff up, not following a recipe…simply using what I had, and it turned out AMAZING! Carolyn LOVED it!

THAT’s the type of mom I want to be, not one focusing on what we don’t have but using what we have and making it exciting!!

I’m glad I met my new friend at the retreat. I needed my mind set in a different direction with this one, and he had just the words to point me there.


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