“Prayer Bucket”

there’re just some things
that hurt my heart
are out of my

those moments when
prayers said
seem so
and prayers answered
are huge

poured out like rain
held inside
every tear

so many struggling
if only I could
help them all
if only I could
support them

it’s hard to keep going
when all seems lost
it’s hard to find value
when you don’t know your worth

this poem in code
could be for many
God help
them all

My Job as a Mother

So many wonderful things happened on my retreat, but many of them are for me and God to know and for you to never find out, but some of them will be shared (as time goes on), and one in particular came to mind tonight.

On my retreat, I met a young pastor, and at one point, I was telling him about when all I had to make for dinner was beans and rice and how Nathan reacted, and, ultimately, how I reacted. Do you remember? Continue reading

What MY WILL Looks Like

Recently, I was talking to a friend about the craft fair I’d set up a booth at, and she asked me, “Did you ask GOD if you should go to that fair?” Immediately, I began to answer yes but then thought about it and realized no.

The only thing I’d “asked” God was if I should take someone. I never really asked Him IF I should go at all. How interesting is that!

Then, I began to remember what exactly happened during that time frame when the decision was made, and the memory was embarrassing, but I’ll share it with you. Continue reading