What MY WILL Looks Like

Recently, I was talking to a friend about the craft fair I’d set up a booth at, and she asked me, “Did you ask GOD if you should go to that fair?” Immediately, I began to answer yes but then thought about it and realized no.

The only thing I’d “asked” God was if I should take someone. I never really asked Him IF I should go at all. How interesting is that!

Then, I began to remember what exactly happened during that time frame when the decision was made, and the memory was embarrassing, but I’ll share it with you.

In sales, September was a really bad month. I mean…REALLY BAD. Throughout the month, I experienced fear, paralyzation, doubt, etc., and as the bills piled up and the rent was almost due, I asked a friend for a loan. He ended up lending me twenty five hundred dollars, which paid the bills, registration, the broken down car, and my rent for October, which put me back at zero with no sales, but that’s not what this was about.

In my desperation of borrowing money, I realized I had to do SOMETHING different in October to be able to make it to November.

Trust me, I KNOW this isn’t the right thing to do and that I shouldn’t focus on what’s around me, but when you live on your own with kids, you tend to pay attention to the roof over your head, the utilities that we need, the internet/phone connection that’s essential for a business, etc. It just happens. I’m growing out of that, though.

Anyway, I’d let the desperation and the need remind me about a craft fair I’d heard about and took the invitation to go as an invitation from God, which isn’t always the case.

Just because someone “invites” me somewhere doesn’t mean it’s intended by God. (I’m learning that the hard way.)

Regardless, the craft fair didn’t go so well but a lot was learned. This past week, I listened to God and followed his lead in a couple things and received an order, gas money, and two sales in one morning. I plan on being more intentional in my asking, listening to, and following God.

By the way, the car is broken AGAIN. Hopefully, I’ll have it fixed today, but there goes the money I just made (or maybe that’s why I made it).

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