“Prayer Bucket”

there’re just some things
that hurt my heart
are out of my

those moments when
prayers said
seem so
and prayers answered
are huge

poured out like rain
held inside
every tear

so many struggling
if only I could
help them all
if only I could
support them

it’s hard to keep going
when all seems lost
it’s hard to find value
when you don’t know your worth

this poem in code
could be for many
God help
them all

8 thoughts on ““Prayer Bucket”

  1. I kept wondering what I was going to do with my life. I remember asking God to just give me a job. I found I liked substitute teaching, but it didn’t last forever. I just applied for a job so similar to what I had years ago. Nine years ago. Dreams have been an inspiration. I dreamt going to a school, walking in the back door, walking down the hallway, observing a class with no teacher, walking in, teaching, and leaving, with no one ever noticing. I wondered if some teacher would show up in the midst of the day while I was teaching, but, no.

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  2. During our most vulnerable moments, we find peace in prayers or validation. Because we need someone to guide us and we need God to aid us. The poem speaks out for me. Love it! πŸ™‚

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