“Damn! It Feels So Good To Write!”

my thoughts
to desolation

my marriage is suffocating
my kids are split up
my passion feels empty
and my dreams seem made up

So What!

I should still
be able to write
and dance
to the rhythm of hope

my creativity
CAN’T be gone
motivation should still
be in reach

I’m not sure
of the direction
I should go
but if
I just lean on Him
I’ll make it for sure

“Prayer Bucket”

there’re just some things
that hurt my heart
are out of my

those moments when
prayers said
seem so
and prayers answered
are huge

poured out like rain
held inside
every tear

so many struggling
if only I could
help them all
if only I could
support them

it’s hard to keep going
when all seems lost
it’s hard to find value
when you don’t know your worth

this poem in code
could be for many
God help
them all

Dreams that Follow

Early on in life, many people have dreams, set goals, achieve those goals, and, then, live their dreams into reality, but that’s not always the case for everyone. When I was little, I had dreams, but as soon as life started happening, those dreams seemed erased, forgotten, silly, impossible, but when I truly surrendered my life to God, some dreams started following me. Continue reading