“New Generation”

by Nathan’s age: 15
I had already been having sex and was drinking
by Carolyn’s age: 19
I had already had one abortion, one child, and was married
by Katie’s age: 25
I had been stripping/selling my body…jail…divorce
by Kyle’s age: 28
I had quit dancing but was way strung out in so many ways

at age 32
I found God
at age 33
I found sobriety
at age 37
I found my worth
at age 42
I found true freedom

almost on a daily basis
I’m reminded how I’ve changed the course
my kids are nothing like
who I used to be
and are growing more into
what I’m like now
yet still holding on
to their own uniqueness

I never have to worry
about my kids turning out like who I was
because I walked into that church at 32
it changed their lives
it changed my life
and in the end
it helped change the lives of others
because I stay on this path with God

Locking Your Own Chains

Do you ever have those moments where something enters your thoughts, your heart, and you have to do something or else you’ll explode?

That was me about twenty minutes ago, and you’re lucky I didn’t write then. I’ve calmed down some. I’ve spent time with God and still can’t contain what’s going on inside me, so I’m writing it out.

I don’t understand unforgiveness within the church, and I refuse to try to. Continue reading

***20 Things About Me***

I used to be a stripper.
I used to sell my body.
I have four kids.
I’ve had three abortions.
I’d rather read poetry that doesn’t rhyme.
I don’t like it when people go out of turn at stop signs.
I love the clouds.
I used to think God was in the clouds.
I grew up without knowing God.
I have full dentures.
I used to be addicted to sex, drugs, and alcohol.
I hear God all the time.
I value God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit above all.
I write constantly on the inside.
I love to dance with worship flags.
I walk in freedom.
I feel dirty (at times) because of my past, even though I’m brand new.
I’m married to God.
I hope to be married to a man someday (and don’t want to be kissed until my wedding day).
I sometimes go to sleep at night, excited about coffee the next morning.