Locking Your Own Chains

Do you ever have those moments where something enters your thoughts, your heart, and you have to do something or else you’ll explode?

That was me about twenty minutes ago, and you’re lucky I didn’t write then. I’ve calmed down some. I’ve spent time with God and still can’t contain what’s going on inside me, so I’m writing it out.

I don’t understand unforgiveness within the church, and I refuse to try to.

If you are a part of the body of Christ, then you know what Christ’s body went through, what His mind went through, what His heart went through on the cross. And what amazes me most is that He went through all that for me…for you…for everyone.

If you don’t know what Jesus did on the cross, then this post isn’t for you.

But if you do know, you’re accountable to forgive.

What on earth does unforgiveness benefit you? What in heaven does it benefit you?

From what I understand, unforgiveness binds you to the person you refuse to forgive, preventing both of you from moving forward in healing. It has been known to feed cancer. It ruins friendships, relationships, custody issues, families. It divides. It curses. It kills. It’s from hell, yet people who “agree” with Christ go along with it. What blinds one from seeing that stronghold?

Forgiveness, on the other hand, releases the offender to receive from God and releases the offended to let go of bitterness. It nourishes cells, the soul, and brings peace to the heart. It removes a heavy burden and calms the mind. It encourages life. It blesses. It restores. Families, friendships, relationships are healed and strengthened. It aligns one’s self with heaven: body, soul, and spirit, so what entices people NOT to forgive?

I’ve heard (and used) the words , “You don’t know what I’ve been through.” Yes, you’re right, but maybe you don’t understand the power of forgiveness, and that’s why you’ve chosen to hold onto pain, resentment, fear, rejection, abuse, rather than hold onto the One, Who can free you from all of that.

If you’re wondering how I have the nerve to write about this, I’ll share with you that I don’t have any unforgiveness, yet I’ve been through a lot.

I’ve been raped by a family member.
I’ve been molested by a family member.
I’ve been set up.
I’ve been beaten by boyfriends.
My daughter was abused.
I’ve been accused “inside the church.”

Nothing’s worth holding onto. I’ve also heard how hard it is to forgive one’s self. I’ve forgiven myself wholly, yet I’ve done a lot.

I’ve had three abortions.
I used to verbally abuse my kids.
I used to neglect my kids a lot.
I’ve sold my body and given it away.
I’ve hated myself and others.
I used to drive drunk with my kids.

Nothing’s worth holding onto.

Jesus died because we were worth dying for. I was worth it. The man who raped me was worth it. The doctor who performed the abortions was worth it. He so loved the world that He died for it, not for the planet but for all the people ON the planet.

You know, when He was on the cross, He said, “Forgive them, Father, for they do not know…” Well, you KNOW!

If only I could convince you to see how much He loves you, how much you were forgiven. Church, if you take a moment and ponder, I bet you’ll be overwhelmed how much you were forgiven. Those who’ve been forgiven much love much. Let the love inside you rise up and forgive. Jesus did.

Maybe confusion set in with the teaching that ONLY God can forgive. That’s a lie. If you live through the heart of Jesus, you CAN and SHOULD forgive.

If you’re holding onto something or someone in your past or present, forgive them, release them, and forgive yourself, and watch what happens! Peace will overwhelm you.

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