“Calling All Saints”

if you’re a Christian
you’re not a sinner
you’re a saint

if you do something good
and do something bad
which do you identify with

before Christ
then the cross
after Christ

to all the saints…
to all the sinners…

think on the truth
that you are dead to sin
dead to the law
now alive to Christ

dead to sin
alive to Christ
dead to being a sinner
alive to being a Christian

the temptation
to identify with sin
to identify with Satan
is in many sermons
is in many worship songs
is in many conversations

the truth
to identify with righteousness
to identify with Jesus
should be in all sermons
should be in all worship songs
should be in all conversations

if you stumble
not when
if you sin
not when

don’t just memorize the bible
become it
live it out for others to see
speak it out for others to hear

walk in what you’ve been raised in
His glory

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