you ever have those moments
where you can’t stop crying
but it’s not bad
it’s intimate

each tear drop
leaves a stream
for others to follow

something was unlocked yesterday
I’ve felt it all day

people need to hear
people need to know
people need streams to follow

to freedom

Craving Goodness

Sometimes, I don’t understand how to fit in or if I want to. Sometimes, it feels like people make life seem harder than it needs to be. Sometimes, my parenting is questioned, so I question my parenting. Whatever the thoughts may be, I always remember to look at them through God’s eyes and only ponder thoughts that are in line with heaven. Continue reading

“Nothing Lost”

not something lost
not something gained
something “known”

when I say ‘I do’
I won’t lose my purity
of heart
I won’t lose my purity
of body
I won’t lose my purity
of spirit

I know who I am
I know what I think
I know how I feel
I know where I’m facing

when I say ‘I do’
purity remains