Reality of Blood

Man, I’m about to be really real with you about some things that I’d rather keep inside, but I feel like God wants me to share, so I won’t hold back from His calling, so here we go.

Recently, I went through a season where I felt invisible to a lot of people. I really wanted people to notice me, acknowledge me, like they were doing to others. Right now, I have tears running down my face because I realize how selfish that was. Life isn’t about who likes me, notices me, or encourages me. Life is about the gospel, all that Jesus was, all that He did, all that He is inside of me, and to think that that other stuff bothered me is embarrassing, but from what I’ve learned this weekend, the place where my heart is right now is a very good place.

When you acknowledge a way you’ve been or something you’ve done, and you wish you hadn’t felt or acted that way, you’ve already accepted that that’s wasn’t who you are, which is the beginning of repentance. I don’t have to sit there and dwell on the wrong mindset I had. I choose to change my mind to match God’s and move forward, growing up more in the image of Him.

There is so much we’re missing but are about to see. The good thing about change is that you never have to be the old way again. I cannot tell you how this weekend has empowered me. There is so much joy to live in, so much freedom to breathe in and release.

We have the chance to change the world INSIDE and OUTSIDE the church!! Jesus died for US, for THEM, for EVERYONE!! Let no other image form you, convince you, change you. The image of Love is all we’re to become, nothing else matters, nothing else stands.

STOP caring what people on the street think about hearing His Name, hearing His Blood.
STOP caring if friends come to your event. Not many “friends” made it to the cross.
STOP listening to the warring of the enemy, and start declaring WHO YOU ARE.
STOP feeding on this world, and start feeding on His Spirit.

WE HAVE BEEN FREED!!! People deserve to hear about the chance they have to do the same. Not this wishy-washy-God-loves-you crap. Let’s give them JESUS, MUTILATED ON THE CROSS, PLEASED TO KNOW THEM AND BE KNOWN BY THEM!!! Let’s lay down our lives for the BEST Friend we will ever know and have ever had!!!

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