ONE Love Language

The other day, I was standing in the kitchen, and I had a thought, “What about the ‘5 Love Languages’ concept?'” Right away, I knew it was from God, so I thought the the thought through, and listened. Within moments, I went into the living room to talk with Carolyn. Continue reading

Reality of Blood

Man, I’m about to be really real with you about some things that I’d rather keep inside, but I feel like God wants me to share, so I won’t hold back from His calling, so here we go.

Recently, I went through a season where I felt invisible to a lot of people. I really wanted people to notice me, acknowledge me, like they were doing to others. Right now, I have tears running down my face because I realize how selfish that was. Life isn’t about who likes me, notices me, or encourages me. Life is about the gospel, all that Jesus was, all that He did, all that He is inside of me, and to think that that other stuff bothered me is embarrassing, but from what I’ve learned this weekend, the place where my heart is right now is a very good place. Continue reading


it’s not about my name or anyone else’s name
it’s about Jesus
it’s not about pictures on Facebook or friends who hug you
it’s about Jesus
it’s not about your kids, your spouse, your family
it’s about Jesus
it’s not about the makeup you have on or the clothes you wear
it’s about Jesus
Continue reading

Claiming Ground

You know, normally, I don’t “make” my kids go to anything at church, but when I heard Dan Mohler was going to be in town, I told Carolyn, “You’re going!” She saw the look in my eyes and said, “Okay,” so last night I took her to hear Dan for the very first time, and she’ll never be the same.

Even without hearing him, she’s been learning his teaching over the past year by listening and watching how I live my life. A little over a year ago, I began watching Dan’s fifty-one day teaching on YouTube, and it has taught me how to become love. Continue reading

A Father’s Presence

Since Scott’s been staying with us, the past few days have been really nice. Kyle and Katie aren’t able to see their daddy that often, so when he comes to town, we make sure to spend as much time together as a family as possible. It is so fun to watch all of them interact, but last night, it was particular fun to listen to Kyle and Katie.

We’re all in the living room/kitchen/dining room area, and Kyle and Katie were closer to the kitchen, chatting, planning, scheming about Disneyland. They’re close anyway, but when their father’s in town, they seem closer, happier, more sure of themselves, and I woke up this morning with a revelation: of course they’re more like themselves; they’re in the presence of their father! And then God began to reveal to me how all HIS kids act, when they’re in His Presence. Continue reading