The Outcast

Yesterday, Carolyn had her last band competition in LA, which was too far for me to travel: I didn’t have the money or the gas, so we both knew I wouldn’t’ve been able to make it, and since we’ve been bonding a lot lately, that was hard on both of us.

She was supposed to arrive back at the school at 1:00 AM, so before I went to bed, I set my alarm, and before I did that, I sent her a text of how I loved her.

After ten, she responded with what a hard day it had been. She’d endured it with pain and tears. She was tired and couldn’t wait to be home, and in her text, she put, “Mom, you don’t even know,” so I knew there was more to her day than just pain. Continue reading

Wanting to be Seen

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with some friends to pray for people downtown. We started from in front of Horton Plaza and followed where the Spirit led us. There were so many amazing stories of what God was doing, but as we were praying for one young man, God told me to write about him.

As we were walking along, one from our group stopped to talk to a man leaning against the wall. I’m not sure if anyone in our group wants to be named, so I’ll leave their names out, but after talking to this young man named Michael, I KNEW God wanted me to write about him, so I asked for his permission, and he said, “Yes.”

[Michael, if you’re reading this, I love you; we all love you; you’re an amazing young man; you’re not just an acquaintance; you’re our friend, so keep in touch; God has amazing plans for you!!] Continue reading

Christian Cliques

Yesterday, at the Dan Mohler healing conference, he encouraged everyone to meet and get to know people whom you’ve never met before. Sometimes, that seems easier said than done because people have their “groups” they’re happy with and only let those in who they accept or want to be around, but when I think about being in an army, I don’t believe the soldiers only stand next to the ones they like. They have a unity stronger than blood, which, at times, is missing within the church. Continue reading

To Be Known

When I was twelve years old, I lost my innocence to a fourteen year old boy, and I thought I had found love. This happened on a weekend night. That following Monday at school, he acted as if I didn’t exist…looked past me…flat out ignored me. It broke my heart. Maybe that’s why it’s always been important for me to look people in the eyes, to let them know I “see” them. This is still true for me today.  Continue reading