The Sound of Music

Over the weekend, some friends of mine and I went to the porn convention in Los Angeles to love on people. Many of you know how I used to be in the adult entertainment industry. Now, I go back in the dark as a light, in case anyone wants to see. My writings (some I’ve already posted) will be reflecting this convention.

What we thought was going to be a small convention “grew” in size. The hall IS smaller, but the audience is many.

Our booth is right across the way from a stripper pole (which are all over the place at this convention), and the music is dirtier than the dancing, which was surprising…music degrading generations.

Definitely, the most taxing on our souls is the loud, obscene music, but every once in a while, we all break away at different times, but NOTHING stops the Power of God from encountering hearts. His silent love is louder than the music.

This year, I haven’t experienced any warfare at all, and I truly believe it’s because of Scott’s love. Every so often, I’m overwhelmed by the thought of him, so I lean my head back (as if God was above me), breathe, smile, and thank Him for the incredible life I get to step into in two weeks.

Living out a story of restoration, hope, love, forgiveness…married to the man who knew me in my darkness…who sees only Light and loves me unconditionally.

I’ve gotten to share our story a few times, and every time, it’s blown people away, and it’s drawn from them a reverence for God for what He’s done.

Today will be different. While I slept, God showed me things for the team and for the girls. It’s gonna be good!

[written in LA on 5/15/16]

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