if they only knew
the road ahead
they’d think twice

if they only knew
the obstacles waiting
they’d exercise more

the road I’ve traveled
removing debris
to make a way

but maybe that’s just it
through it all
so others can walk

I have so much freedom
to teach
and so many readers
who listen

I can’t imagine
what the spoken words
will do
guess we’ll find out

in Texas

Sowing Seeds at the Porn Convention

How do you put into words what went on at the porn convention? You can’t. How do you understand through a picture? You can’t, so if you really want to know about this weekend, ask God to explain what you read and see.

13177803_10206817559097157_602496495330420447_n (2)
This was the team for this year’s porn convention: (from left to right) Erik, Sheri, David, Janel, and me. May 14-15, 2016

Through each one of us on the team, so much went on, but to explain it’d be a challenge because, sometimes, it’s hard to put the heart into words, but from time to time, I’ll attempt to show you parts of mine. Continue reading

The Sound of Music

Over the weekend, some friends of mine and I went to the porn convention in Los Angeles to love on people. Many of you know how I used to be in the adult entertainment industry. Now, I go back in the dark as a light, in case anyone wants to see. My writings (some I’ve already posted) will be reflecting this convention.

What we thought was going to be a small convention “grew” in size. The hall IS smaller, but the audience is many. Continue reading