A Date Set for Lunch

Aside from there being no clouds, yesterday was a beautiful day in San Diego, so I was looking forward to my time in Balboa Park. As I grabbed my flags, Holy Spirit told me to grab the four dollars out of my purse. I was so excited! I asked, “Do I get to see Lee?” It turned out, His answer was yes.

As I walked up the street, I paused and asked God where to go. He said, “Just walk. I’ll tell you who to go to,” so I walked. Right when I entered the park, I saw two gentlemen but wasn’t sure if they were together. One was juggling, which caught almost all my attention. The other was pacing at some points and circling the juggler at a distance but near. It was unusual, so I headed over.

As I approached, they looked scared. They were together…from Russia. I complimented the one man’s juggling skills, introduced myself, heard their names and left. I’ll see them again.

I kept walking in the direction of the statues and saw Lee. Lee is the homeless man with a Southern drawl…very neat in both senses of the word. I knew the money was for him, so I joined him for a visit.

Meet Lee
Meet Lee

When I walked up, I said, “Hi, Lee, it’s Laura!” Before the Laura came out, he said, “Hi, Lee!” When he heard the Laura, he said, “I’m going to call you Lee because that’s what you told me your name was.” He’s sort of right. When I met him last week, he told me his name, and I got all excited and said, “That’s my middle name, too,” but I told him he could still call me Lee, and sat down.

He likes to read. He’s very leathery from all the hours he spends in the sun. Balboa Park has placed most of their benches in the sun, so you end up sitting in the heat but looking at the shade under the trees. He talked about being able to sit under the trees, but because of his age, it’s hard for him to get back up and carrying a chair was just too much for him. We talked for awhile.

We talked about life, about rude people, about being nice. He said every gentleman should be kind, considerate, and accurate, and then he talked about how he IS all those things but sometimes not at the same time. I asked him if I could take him to lunch sometime at a nearby pizza place. He liked that idea very much, so we set a date.

He said, “Just make sure to tell me the day before, so I can make sure to be at this spot at the right time.” I said, “How about “this” be our day before? How about we eat lunch on Monday?”” He agreed, so on Monday, we’re going to have lunch at Pizzicato, a place on 5th Avenue.

It’ll be nice to share a meal with him. He’s in his seventies, and by the expression of his heart, he may feel he doesn’t have much time left here on earth. He showed concern that maybe they wouldn’t let him in with his “luggage,” but as I walked back to work, I noticed they have tables outside, so that won’t be a problem. Before I left though, I asked if he would take a picture with me, so all of you could meet him. He said yes!

Okay, I have to share this part! I’m not the best at selfies. I have an old phone, not a smart one, so I can’t see what we’re looking at…only have to guess if I have us centered. It’s difficult for me, so I warned him. He chuckled. I also wanted to make sure we could be seen in the picture, so I had him stand in different spots facing different directions, while I walked around him with my phone held high. I bet heaven laughed. So, the picture you see is the best out of four, and I’m glad you get to meet his face (and notice how clean his shirt is).

God is amazing! He loves so well, so completely, without judgment, full of grace. I’m excited for our lunch. This time will be for Lee to encounter more of His Love. It’s such an honor to get to know him. All of you are missing out.

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