More Than a Need

A few weeks ago, I saw a post from a church collecting donations to help out needy families with their Thanksgiving dinner. My first thought…how do I get on that needy list, but I wasn’t sure about carrying out that thought, so I ignored it, but there was no way escaping it; the thought followed me wherever I went.

Eventually, I sent a message to my friend about it but couldn’t do it because of different thoughts: was it okay to ask; are we really that need; I “may” be able to afford the food by then; I know others are more needy then us; etc., but again, the thought wouldn’t leave me, so I finally asked.

At first, there was no response, so before she responded, I sent another message, saying never mind, but then, she responded and said, “Of course! You’re on the list.”

I think I attempted to send that first message THREE times, before sending the final one. It wasn’t pride that got in the way. It was not knowing if I was “supposed” to. It was weird but doesn’t matter. We received the help we needed, and yesterday, the real reason behind the need was revealed.

In the morning, my son, Kyle, was on his way out and asked what time I’d be going shopping. I told him an estimated time but thought maybe he’d like to go, so I invited him, and he said yes! [I think, sometimes, all people need is an invitation.] I was so excited for our shopping date.

When you have four kids, it can be difficult to plan alone time with each one, so I don’t really plan it, but God always sets things up, and yesterday was all planned by Him.

We had two gift cards for two different stores and some cash, so we ended up going to four stores together, which totaled over two hours. I was in mommy heaven!

Right off the bat, Kyle seemed impatient, and right off the bat, he changed his own attitude and was in a good mood. It was so neat to experience. We had so much fun together!

It doesn’t take much effort for me to make the kids laugh. All I have to do is be myself, and they’ll laugh for days: sometimes AT me and sometimes WITH me.

After we we went home, I understood everything a lot more.

You see, we did “need” help with food, but above that, God knew we needed something more: time together, so He created this day through the donations we received, and what we walked away with, money could never buy.

I’m excited for our Thanksgiving. With the older kids working, it’s harder to find that time together. Carolyn and Nathan will be with their dad, and Kyle and Katie will be home with me.

I’m looking forward to the looks, the laughter, the food, the relaxing, the football, the 5K run in the morning…just everything…so thankful every day!!

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