Surprising Lee

On Wednesday, I went to the park to snatch up Lee, let him shower, and take him to an old car show, but he was nowhere to be found, so yesterday, I stopped by for a visit and caught him off-guard.

When I pulled up, he was resting on his “cart” of bags, sleeping. I gently sat next to him, so when he lifted his head, he was pleasantly surprised. The night before, he hadn’t slept very well because the cops showed up super early and chased him away, but he managed to wake up for our visit.

I’m telling you: we go right back to where we left off and start anew. It’s so much fun!

We caught up on a few things. He loves that the business is going well but says he isn’t surprised. When we had first met, his thoughts were different about that.

Right off the bat, on the first day I met him, I pulled out a worship flag, told him my vision of working full time making them, and told him how I had no idea how I was going to do that. Along the way, he had had his doubts about my sanity (about starting a business), but then one day, his thoughts were changed.

I believe it was the day I took off of work to get everything rolling. I had no idea what I was doing but had decided to just start taking the steps to start the business. That afternoon, I had stopped by for a visit.

When he heard how well I had started everything up, he actually told me how he thought I was a little nutty (at first) but that through all the God-stories I had been sharing with him about the steps I had been taking, he was thoroughly convinced that I was hearing from God and knew what I was doing. Now, he rarely questions me. He just listens.

At times, he’s so much like a father figure to me. When he tells me, “I’m proud of you, darling,” it does something to my soul, and it’s a good thing.

Even as a friend, he’s so faithful. His friendship has nurtured my soul, too! We chatted about his ministry in the park, church legalism, etc., and just laughed together. The visits mean so much more to him now.

We’re planning a worship time in the park. If anyone is available for THIS THURSDAY at 3 pm, let me know. (This time is changeable.)

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