The Maturity of a Thirteen Year Old Boy

“Don’t let him decide!”
“Be the parent!”
“Go back on your word!”
“He’ll get over it!”

This was the advice I was given, time and time again, about whether or not to let Nathan choose where he wanted to live Continue reading

Holidays are the Hardest

Yesterday was my favorite holiday of the year. Well, it “used” to be my favorite. We’ll see if it still remains…

It’s funny: I’ve ALWAYS loved the Fourth of July, but somewhere along the way, it became my favorite because of the firework shows and being with ALL my kids…two things I didn’t have this year, but when I thought about it, I didn’t have those last year, either.

As most of you know, moving to Texas “traumatized” me for a little while, and one of the traumatizing things was Continue reading

“My Father’s Time”

my dad
trying to remember
without forgetting

I remember his chuckle
and the way his eyes smiled

I remember his stride
and trying to keep up

I remember him taking us
to play tennis

I remember him
having lunch ready

I was his back scratcher
his daughter

I don’t remember
any kisses or hugs

but sometimes
love looks different

I remember his laugh
and the way he smelled

I remember his eyes
and the way he looked at me

I remember his love
and miss him

there was a time
when I forgot on purpose
but now I remember intentionally

A First and Last Meal

On Saturday, Katie told me (with much excitement) that she and her boyfriend had been approved for a place and would be moving in together at the end of the month. [The first place fell through.] When I received the news, I didn’t cry. I thought, “Oh, maybe it’s because I cried the first time around,” but I was wrong…way wrong. Continue reading

A Father’s Presence

Since Scott’s been staying with us, the past few days have been really nice. Kyle and Katie aren’t able to see their daddy that often, so when he comes to town, we make sure to spend as much time together as a family as possible. It is so fun to watch all of them interact, but last night, it was particular fun to listen to Kyle and Katie.

We’re all in the living room/kitchen/dining room area, and Kyle and Katie were closer to the kitchen, chatting, planning, scheming about Disneyland. They’re close anyway, but when their father’s in town, they seem closer, happier, more sure of themselves, and I woke up this morning with a revelation: of course they’re more like themselves; they’re in the presence of their father! And then God began to reveal to me how all HIS kids act, when they’re in His Presence. Continue reading

Surprising Lee

On Wednesday, I went to the park to snatch up Lee, let him shower, and take him to an old car show, but he was nowhere to be found, so yesterday, I stopped by for a visit and caught him off-guard.

When I pulled up, he was resting on his “cart” of bags, sleeping. I gently sat next to him, so when he lifted his head, he was pleasantly surprised. The night before, he hadn’t slept very well because the cops showed up super early and chased him away Continue reading