“Change of Weather”

The weather looks different
when your friend lives in the park

the rain falls harder
the wind blows colder
the sun beats nearer
the heat burns hotter
the cold chills deeper

When your friend lives in the park
the weather looks different

The Color of Love

In everyone’s life, the color of love has a different hue, a different shade, a different look that capture’s the eye, a heart, a smile. God is constantly painting the picture of my life, and love takes on a different color all the time, but let me share with you what it looks like now. Continue reading

Bananas and Mayonnaise

When I had lunch with Lee on Tuesday (the day I actually remembered to pop the popcorn, the day I wasn’t sure if he’d be there), we had such a good chat. We always do, but because I had gone through my personal loss of our friendship by not knowing if he’d be there, I appreciated our chatting all the more, and we had a lot to talk about. Continue reading

Friends, Not Idols

Okay, guess what I did yesterday? I cried, but it was a good thing.

Yesterday morning, as I was packing a lunch for me and possibly Lee, I realized I needed to go shopping, which I did last night, but I totally ended up taking a “snack-lunch” (instead of a “sack” lunch (ha ha)): watermelon, popcorn, chips, pretzels, and hard boiled eggs, but it was so good, and I didn’t have to eat alone. Continue reading

Popcorn and Tears

Yesterday was too funny. In the morning, as I was packing lunch for me and Lee, at the last minute, I grabbed a bag of popcorn, figuring I’d pop it right before leaving for the park, so it would be warm. Good plan, huh? The Holy Spirit has the best plans, and they’d work great, if I’d follow them.

Work was getting in the way of me leaving for lunch, so I left a little late. As I walked up the hill from work, I realized I forgot to pop the popcorn, so I was taking a package of microwave popcorn kernels…no time to go back. I had cold pizza and sweets, so I continued on. Continue reading

A Few Goodbyes

Yesterday morning, when we were driving towards work, Lee and I were talking about how safe he was…safe in the way that he’s not dangerous…at all. When he was newly homeless, Lee talked about a meek, little lady who offered him a ride, which he accepted. While driving, she made a comment about him not killing her. Lee chuckled and re-assured her she was fine. I told him about my secrecy. Continue reading

A Weekend Getaway

Guess who spent the weekend with us?


Last week, God put it on my heart to invite Lee over to relax, to feel normal, to be involved in family life…to just “be,” so on Saturday, after Nathan and Kyle’s flag football game, I drove to Balboa Park to pick him up. I was to meet him at our usual spot, where we hang out during lunch times, and when I drove up, he was sitting there waiting, already showered.

It was very important for Lee to shower BEFORE he met the kids. He said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Continue reading