Friends, Not Idols

Okay, guess what I did yesterday? I cried, but it was a good thing.

Yesterday morning, as I was packing a lunch for me and possibly Lee, I realized I needed to go shopping, which I did last night, but I totally ended up taking a “snack-lunch” (instead of a “sack” lunch (ha ha)): watermelon, popcorn, chips, pretzels, and hard boiled eggs, but it was so good, and I didn’t have to eat alone.

As I walked up Sixth Street, at first, I didn’t see Lee, and I was okay. As I became closer, I saw him and cried, so tears didn’t make it to the popcorn. Before I reached him, I worked through it with God.

At first, I talked to God about forgiving me for crying, for maybe being “too” attached. I felt comforted by Him. He was saying, “It’s not a sin to be attached to someone and miss them, only when you hold them as an idol in your heart.” It felt good to FEEL and not feel like I was doing anything wrong. I don’t hold Lee as an idol. I hold him very dearly in my heart as a friend, and I had a wonderful lunch with my friend.

He loved the snacks and ate almost ALL the popcorn. He told me how he ended up risking it by going back to “his” spot last night, and the cops never came by. He sleeps near a man who goes by “JC”…I love that! Anyway, it’s probably not right to refer to Lee as homeless. To him, that spot WAS his home and still is, unless God moves him.

150421_0006A home isn’t the roof over your head. You can feel at home in your heart without a roof, and that’s where Lee resides. You know, I forgot to tell you: on Saturday, Barry picked up Lee, took him to breakfast, and showed him the City of Refuge. Lee enjoyed that so much. I have a feeling all the love that Lee is receiving is doing something to his heart. He’s making friends. He speaks very highly of Barry.

I USED to wish I had other people’s gifts, but as I was living to be like others, God wasn’t using ME as much. Now that I am happy being ME, He uses me more and more as a vessel for His endless love to flow through, and I am so grateful to be thought of and used by the Only True Living God!

Oh, and we shared our pretzels with some ground squirrels (as you can tell by the picture).

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