My New Dance

Probably since in the womb, when music would play, my body would move. I have always loved to dance, but when I became a Christian, I had heard that dancing was bad. Well, in most of my life, it had been, so when worship music would come on, my body would move to the rhythm, but I would control it because of the feelings that would overcome me.

When my body would move to the sound of worship, I would feel dirty…filthy…like I wanted attention, money, sex, so I would do my best to stop the movement but didn’t know how to stop the negative feelings associated with it and never spoke a word about it to anyone. Continue reading

Digging Deeper

Yesterday, pizza lunch was great with Lee and Mike. We were all starving. Since I’m not homeless, I probably should’ve eaten a little before as to not devour part of the pizza, but I didn’t, so I ate two slices. It was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten. Next time, I’m ordering an extra large, so we can all be full. Lee dropped half of his second slice, so I picked it up and brushed it off. If it was me, I probably would’ve eaten it, but he set it aside for the squirrels and grabbed another slice. As we were eating, we were talking. Continue reading