Empty Love

Today, in Balboa Park, I spotted Mike sitting on the ground near an empty chair, so I knew Lee wasn’t far. I was glad to see Mike. That meant, if he WAS the person Lee offended, he was over it. I walked up, hugged him, and sat down. Soon enough, Lee joined us.

It’s amazing how they expect me, and I show up. I believe it’s a mutual gladness: I’m glad to see them waiting, and they’re glad to see me coming. We started chatting about politics a little because Lee’s reading a book about Bill Clinton, and Mike’s next in line. In chatting about that stuff, Lee went further back in time. Continue reading

Easily Offended

Yesterday, I grabbed my chair and headed out to spend time with Lee in the park. On my way there, I thought about all the people I “could’ve” been praying for but wouldn’t be because of the time I spend with Lee, and God told me, “I have you there for Lee right now.” That seems so easy…too easy. I really enjoy my talks with Lee, and yesterday was no different. Continue reading