Desiring to be done but not wanting to move

Desiring to move on but not wanting to leave

Desiring to do more but not wanting to volunteer

Desiring to grow but not wanting to learn

Desiring to be done but not wanting to move

Lunch for Three?

Yesterday, on my walk to meet Lee, I thought about life, about if one person can really make a difference in this world, if reaching one person was enough. Lately, God’s been speaking to me about how it was important to leave the ninety-nine to find the one. Even the other night, when Scott took us out to dinner, he parked in space ninety-nine. I was listening. God is always talking to us, we just need to remember to listen.

As I walked up to where Lee was sitting, a young man from the other direction approached, too. As he grew nearer, he said, “It’s time for our visit.” He had a violin, which totally excited me. His name was Anthony. Lee moved to the ground, I sat in the chair, and Anthony sat on the other side and pulled out his violin. When he found out who I was, he was very excited. He said I was well talked about and said he was hoping to meet me someday. Then, he began to play. Continue reading