Lunch for Three?

Yesterday, on my walk to meet Lee, I thought about life, about if one person can really make a difference in this world, if reaching one person was enough. Lately, God’s been speaking to me about how it was important to leave the ninety-nine to find the one. Even the other night, when Scott took us out to dinner, he parked in space ninety-nine. I was listening. God is always talking to us, we just need to remember to listen.

As I walked up to where Lee was sitting, a young man from the other direction approached, too. As he grew nearer, he said, “It’s time for our visit.” He had a violin, which totally excited me. His name was Anthony. Lee moved to the ground, I sat in the chair, and Anthony sat on the other side and pulled out his violin. When he found out who I was, he was very excited. He said I was well talked about and said he was hoping to meet me someday. Then, he began to play.

As he played, Lee and I ate the leftovers from Buca de Beppo (so good). This young man had some music memorized and sounded pretty good. He’s played the guitar for thirteen years but picked up a violin two months ago and can’t get enough. Usually, he sits with Lee and practices, and you could tell: he also gleans from Lee’s wisdom. He’s only twenty-six. As he was playing, God was speaking to me about his worship. I asked him if he knew God. He explained how he “used” to be a Christian.

He talked about how he didn’t know which god to follow, that he had “tried” God, but He did nothing for him. He spoke about what God was NOT. I spoke about Who God Is. He has this philosophy: “I’m just going to be a good person. Since not being a Christian, life has gotten easier.” God has been teaching me a lot about listening to other people’s views and beliefs and not letting those thoughts change my heart. He’s definitely training me in that area because it keeps coming up.

Lately, as I’ve listened to different people, I find that people have left the church because of the church. Somewhere along the line, this young man took offense to something and is still holding onto it. He lives in a safe house (or something like that). I hope to see him again, speak more truth into him, and hear him play the violin some more. He’s only played for two months. One of my excuses for not relearning the violin was because I didn’t have a chin rest. This guy didn’t even use one, so that excuse is out. God keeps reminding me to pick up my violin and learn. When will I listen to Him? Hmm. Only God knows.

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