Easily Offended

Yesterday, I grabbed my chair and headed out to spend time with Lee in the park. On my way there, I thought about all the people I “could’ve” been praying for but wouldn’t be because of the time I spend with Lee, and God told me, “I have you there for Lee right now.” That seems so easy…too easy. I really enjoy my talks with Lee, and yesterday was no different.

As I approached, he was in the sun…no chair. I thought, “Really?! Did someone take that one, too,” but it turned out that Lee had to hide it, and the area where he hid it was covered with workers on the bridge, so he couldn’t get to it, so we sat in the sun, and right away, Lee started asking me about thin-skinned people.

He’s the type of guy who will tell you what he thinks, whether you like it or not, but if he’s talking to a thin-skinned person, they tend to get offended. He wouldn’t tell me “who” took offense, but I had a feeling it was Mike, since he wasn’t there, and Lee was troubled that it happened again, so he was asking me how to speak to thin-skinned people, so I shared with him some experiences I’ve had in offending people. The more I learn about him, the more I understand why God connected us.

He doesn’t understand how people hold a grudge against a race, sometimes for a lifetime. Lee doesn’t see color. He sees hearts. He sees the importance of Jesus, and as he grows closer to other homeless people, he teaches them, encourages them to quit drinking, asks them where their souls will end up (if they died on the spot). He wants to see a difference made in the ones he knows. It’s beautiful.

At one point, I told him how I attend some different church things and thought about asking him if he’d like to go, but that the thought of, afterward, dropping him back off at the park seemed overwhelming to me. I started to cry a little. He said, “That’s okay. As much as church likes to invite me in, if I showed up smelly, dirty, without a shower, I bet they wouldn’t like that.” I said, “Not my friends. They would love you!” It’s funny: eventually, I WILL bring him to something, and I can just picture him walking into the room, how many people would come up and, because of FB, already know his name. They’d be like, “Lee! How’re you doing?” It makes me chuckle.

The time always flies by so fast. This time, I set an alarm to remind me to run back to work, so I wouldn’t be late. He said, “You know, you can always stop by “after” work.”” I hadn’t even thought of that. That would be a longer visit, and maybe more people could come to our worship gatherings. Would anyone want to do that? With the warmer weather and the longer daylight, we could have a 5-7 pm worship time. What do you think?

Anyway, I love sharing my heart with you all. There are so many reasons why I post, and none of them are selfish. I like inviting you into my life, and maybe, you’ll invite me into yours. I pray everyone has an amazing day with Jesus! I will.

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