Digging Deeper

Yesterday, pizza lunch was great with Lee and Mike. We were all starving. Since I’m not homeless, I probably should’ve eaten a little before as to not devour part of the pizza, but I didn’t, so I ate two slices. It was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten. Next time, I’m ordering an extra large, so we can all be full. Lee dropped half of his second slice, so I picked it up and brushed it off. If it was me, I probably would’ve eaten it, but he set it aside for the squirrels and grabbed another slice. As we were eating, we were talking.

I just love how our conversations flow. We talked about cars, about how men used to use ‘I love you’ or marriage as a way to get sex, about how unique people are and what we like about that…a little bit of different things. In that, I mentioned how I don’t even want to be kissed until my wedding day. They both agreed that was honorable and were very happy for me. And then, we started talking about the bible.

The day before, they both read in my bible. Yesterday, I didn’t take it because I knew I’d be balancing pizza while walking and eating, so I didn’t picture us going through it. Lee asked if I would bring it tomorrow (today) and teach him from it. He has questions and says he thinks I understand. I smiled. I am learning so much from this relationship.

Lee also mentioned how he holds a lot in because he doesn’t always trust who is listening. I had told him how I learn as I go who I can talk to and what I can say to certain people. I do believe Lee is someone I can say almost anything to. He’s starting to feel that way about me, too…almost.

Like, I’m pretty sure he has dentures for his top teeth. Sometimes, when I eat, my teeth make a clanking noise. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that with Lee, but he’s never mentioned having them. Of course, he’s not like me…sharing every detail of his life, but he says that’s what he likes about me, that I’m so transparent. I told him how I heard transparency may not be a good thing, and then I told him how I didn’t listen to that and only listen to God. If God says to share something, I share. There’s a whole lot of transparency in the bible. I’m looking forward to digging into it today with Lee. I’m glad he’s opening up.

My friendship with Lee (and maybe with Mike someday) has been a different type of ministry, one that I’m learning along the way. I love those moments where you meet someone, pray over them, watch God do His thing, and then never meet again, but I love these moments in time more: quality time spent, learning about lives, earning trust, being asked to teach about the bible, laughing…there’s so much life to be lived.

One of the things that tugs on my heart is that Lee likes to be clean: his clothes, his skin, with shaving, etc., and he’s told me about some people who allow him to come shower and wash his clothes, but I think he mentioned they’re out of town. You can tell it affects him. I pray a door opens for him to be as clean as he likes, and I hope that door opens soon.

Oh, I almost forgot…as we were talking, Lee said, “Did you see the squirrel come up?” Neither Mike nor I saw anything, but sure enough, a squirrel had grabbed that pizza. It was a good sized piece, too. That sneaky squirrel ran off with it without any of us noticing. The slice had only been there for maybe ten minutes. That squirrel was fast!

God breathes through relationships. There’s always room for one more friend.

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