Bananas and Mayonnaise

When I had lunch with Lee on Tuesday (the day I actually remembered to pop the popcorn, the day I wasn’t sure if he’d be there), we had such a good chat. We always do, but because I had gone through my personal loss of our friendship by not knowing if he’d be there, I appreciated our chatting all the more, and we had a lot to talk about.

Part of that conversation was about Lee accidentally throwing away a pickle slice. He had bought a burnt piece of pizza for one dollar and because it was burnt, the lady threw in a slice of pickle. Lee had been wanting one. Pickles were another favorite of his past. After eating the pizza, he forgot about the pickle and threw it away. I believe his expression to that was a sigh.

Another part of that conversation was Lee remembering different foods he grew up with, and one of those foods was banana and mayonnaise sandwiches [gross]. I told him one of mine was peanut butter and butter sandwiches. I had never heard of his, never tried it, and never thought I would, until…

Well, that evening, I went to the grocery store, and God prompted me to buy bananas and pickle slices to surprise Lee with, so yesterday morning, I made a sack lunch with a banana and mayonnaise sandwich, a peanut butter and butter one, pickle slices…all to share. Boy, was he surprised!

[Quick note: as I was packing the lunch, I was telling Carolyn how Lee had thrown away his pickle slice by accident and how it made him feel, and explained that that was why I had bought the pickles. Later on, I realized how I was showing her how to love well. She’ll always remember that. God is so good. There’s such a bigger picture going on here.]

One thing I forgot: if you mash a banana in the morning, by afternoon, it will be ugly brown, so I took this ugly, brown banana and mayonnaise sandwich, cut in half, so we could share. He tried it and said it would be better with more mayonnaise and white bread, so I’ll “try” again, but with more mayonnaise, I may back out of eating my half. As he was eating the peanut butter one, I said, “How do you like it?” He said, “Oh, I like peanut butter.” I said, “Do you like the butter?” He said, “Is that what this is?! If I had known that, I probably wouldn’t be eating it.” Ah ha ha…I told him, but he didn’t listen, but he loved the pickles.

The things I do with God…banana and mayonnaise?…I never thought I would EVER eat those two things at the same time. Lee said that, sometimes, he’ll buy a banana and get a mayonnaise packet…just to remember. Eww!

As Lee was eating a pickle slice, he said, “You’re so caring,” and I thought of Carolyn and our chat…priceless!

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