The Man in the Lighthouse

Yesterday at the park, Lee and I had a good visit. Again, on my way there, I talked with God and listened. This friendship is part of His plan, and I believe, every day, I learn more about both: His plan and our friendship. And when I’m wrong, I admit it.

When I sat down with Lee, the first thing he did was hand me a twenty dollar bill…MY twenty dollar bill. On Monday morning, I had packed him a lunch, and in the baggie of pretzels, I placed the money…just to help out. I knew he wouldn’t take it, so I thought if he found it, he’d keep it. I was wrong. He doesn’t really like that I help him at all because I’m a single mom. He said thank you and handed it back. He told me more about investing, saving, etc. I listened. Then, he blew my mind away.

He started talking about how he feels like he’s been “called” to be homeless, to live in the park. He reaches a lot of people out there, and by the things he’s told me about the park, people need a Light. You know, I wrote about Lee being lost at sea and God being the Lighthouse guiding him. Since yesterday, that view has changed. God’s definitely the Lighthouse, but I believe Lee is standing in it, ready to help others lost at sea. He’s an amazing man.

I wasn’t sent to “save” him. I wasn’t sent to “help” him. I’ve been sent to be his friend, and I am super blessed to be called to do that. He’s lived in Balboa Park for over a year, was told he had a death sentence, yet…still lives, still reaches people, still trusts God. He’s content without.

I don’t know Lee’s last name. I don’t know what the doctors told him. All I know is he’s an amazing spiritual being having a human experience. I offered a place for him to shower and a retreat from the park every so often and told him I would continue to take him to some worship things. He liked that.

Speaking of worship…we’re having worship in the park this Friday at 12:30 pm. This is OPEN TO EVERYONE. Yesterday, Anna stopped by where Lee and I were sitting and brought up the idea to Lee. He loves worship and company, so if you’d like to join us, come on out. It’ll be fun! (We’ll meet by the statues on Laurel St between 6th Ave and the bridge.)

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