A Road Leading Home

If you’ve been following me about Lee, I have wonderful news. If you don’t know who Lee is, I’ll bring you up to speed, so you’ll enjoy the good news, too.

Earlier this year, I met the cleanest homeless man I’d ever met in Balboa Park. When I worked near there, I’d visit him daily with some lunch, and at times, would bring him home for a weekend getaway, where he could sleep in comfort, eat when he wanted, shower, and I’d wash his clothes. Lee has always felt “called” to live in the park, until recently.

The last time I saw Lee was the day I ended up in the emergency room, and because of healing and the pressures of running the business, I haven’t seen him since. Since my visits are more spread apart, when he does see me, he gives me the longest hugs hello and goodbye, and yesterday was no different.

I took my friend with me to go visit him. He really enjoyed the company and the pizza, and even though we stayed a couple hours, he put me in that “you women” category for leaving him so soon, but during our visit, he told me about an amazing revelation he had.

He’s done living on the street.

In the past couple weeks, some people have really poured into him: helping him with getting paperwork from the DMV to renew his license; a couple bought him some Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses; he’s going to get an “Obama” cell phone today; and he’s looking into FINALLY collecting his retirement.

See, about five and a half years ago, Lee was given a death sentence during a health exam and decided to enjoy his last days, while living on his savings. Well, his life lasted longer than his savings, so for the past year and a half, he’s been homeless, living in Balboa Park.

From spending so much time together, we’ve become really close friends, and he’s always opened up to me about not wanting to be part-of-the-system and collecting what was due to him, but now, that’s changed, and he’s taking all the steps to walk out of the park and into a home. I’m so excited for him!!

Even today, he’s headed to Walmart to buy some new pants (he got a bus pass) and has the route to finding a place all mapped out. He’s super excited about having a phone to keep in touch with me. I’m so tickled God’s speaking to him so clearly and he’s hearing and understanding. What a blessing!

For all of you who’ve prayed, thank you for letting our friendship, his heart and situation into your hearts and lifting it all up to God. God’s love makes a difference, and each of us has endless chances to deliver that love to anyone who needs it. I’m just in awe: Lee is going to have a home!!!

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