Wanting to be Seen

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with some friends to pray for people downtown. We started from in front of Horton Plaza and followed where the Spirit led us. There were so many amazing stories of what God was doing, but as we were praying for one young man, God told me to write about him.

As we were walking along, one from our group stopped to talk to a man leaning against the wall. I’m not sure if anyone in our group wants to be named, so I’ll leave their names out, but after talking to this young man named Michael, I KNEW God wanted me to write about him, so I asked for his permission, and he said, “Yes.”

[Michael, if you’re reading this, I love you; we all love you; you’re an amazing young man; you’re not just an acquaintance; you’re our friend, so keep in touch; God has amazing plans for you!!] Continue reading