The Right Protocol

From before I’d left for Texas, I’d wanted to go see Lee and let him know what I was up to but didn’t make the time to tell him, and since I’ve been back, I’ve wanted to give my all to the kids, so yesterday was the day I finally surprised Lee with more than just a visit. Continue reading

Never Homeless

You know, over the past year, I’ve never agreed with the knowledge that I’m an “alien” here on earth because I feel very much at home.

God is my home, and He lives inside me, so everywhere I go, I’m at home. It’s just the way I think, feel, know, believe, etc.

Last night, Henry Haney started singing “I am home.” I loved it because I “am” at home every moment of every day because God will never leave me.

Will Not Return Void

Every day, when I go to work, that’s only part of my day. God has this amazing way of setting up encounters from the car into work, during my lunch, and from work to the car, and one of these encounters involved meeting a homeless man named Cedric.

The first time I met him, he appeared to be grumpy and didn’t want prayer. When I meet people like that, I continue to build a relationship with them, I just won’t offer prayer…won’t even talk about God, and then one day, all of that changed.  Continue reading