Language of the Light

I love my kids and the way we love each other. It’s not perfect, but it’s real, and one thing we all care about is where each other is during the night, so we talk through the porch light, which speaks louder than words.

First, let me tell you the make-up of our home: Kyle has his own room, and Katie, Carolyn, Nathan and I share a room. (It’s not as cramped as you think.) The light is, mainly, for Kyle because he works as security for a popular nightclub and gets home pretty late (or early), but there are times when Katie stays out late as well or spends the night at her boyfriend’s house, and it’s nice for us to know who’s home.

If anyone is out late, including me because I have stayed out at church things pretty late myself, we leave the light on, and when whoever we leave the light on for arrives home, that person turns it off, so if I wake up and the light’s on, it means someone didn’t come home, and I check the beds, text them, and make sure they’re okay. If I wake up and the light is off, I know my kids are home safe with me. Isn’t that a nice language?!

One of my favorite things to do is turn the light off BEFORE I go to bed because everyone’s home. It’s one of the nicest feelings ever! I love knowing where my kids are, and I love going to sleep with their breath in the house. I know the time is coming when the older two will move out, so I remind myself to take advantage of every moment I can with them. Working from home has been such a blessing because, even though I’m working, I’m “present” with them. God is so good!!

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