A Community Refugee

Every community has different groups of people, and some of these groups of people form their own community. This morning, I’m going to share with you a little bit about the homeless community in Balboa Park.

As most of you know, I have a homeless friend named Lee, whom I met in the park in March of last year. In the time I’ve known him, he’s NEVER called me. Our friendship’s consisted of us spending time together, whenever I had the chance to stop by, and on many of those visits, I’d bring him home with me for days at a time. Well, some have been watching.

Lee’s not a favorite amongst the homeless in the park for different reasons; 1) he’s a true gentlemen, so people give him things; 2) he preaches God’s word; 3) I pick him up and take him away. Well, the third reason has ignited jealousy.

If you remember, I had Lee with me at my goodbye party thing. Well, that next morning, I dropped him back off at the park and told him I wouldn’t be seeing him until after the 17th, when Katie left. Well, guess who CALLED me on the 18th.

It was Wednesday afternoon; I’d been sewing flags with the plans of dancing at Beach Chapel that evening. Right in between taking breaths, the phone rang. It was Lee, and he needed help.

He asked if he could come over. I’d planned on getting him soon because of the fundraiser and of Scott buying him a bus ticket to South Caroline, but I wasn’t sure “when” I’d be able to make it there to get him. Well, with the phone call, God revealed the-time=was-NOW, so I dropped all my plans and headed his way.

Over the past month, the homeless in the park had been ganging up on him…mainly because of me helping him out. Well, on Tuesday night, while Lee was asleep, others had gone through his bags and had strewn his stuff everywhere. When Lee awoke, he KNEW it was time for him to leave FOR GOOD.

Recently, a woman had hired Lee to do some landscaping, so he wasn’t broke. When I picked him up, he told me how he’d earned some money and was going to head back East. That’s when I surprised him with the fact that Scott was going to buy him a ticket and others had donated money to make this happen, so I told him to receive the gifts and keep his money for anything his needed. He was overwhelmed.

Would you like to know what he’s spent some of his money on the last few days? Coffee for me; pizza for my family; groceries for my family…he’s been giving back to us to show us thanks! What a thank you!!

Anyway, until he leaves on a bus, he’ll be staying here. He’s been sleeping a lot and hasn’t had the strength to shower, but he’s safe. I’m so glad he called.

God is only a phone call away, sometimes. You never know who He’ll use to help you.

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